Cat and Fiddle

The Inn was not built at the time of the 1759 turnpike – but between 1759 and 1831 a new turnpike and the Cat and Fiddle was built.

A traveller of the new turnpike in 1831 described the the inn as ‘a newly erected and well accustomed inn or public house’; built by John Ryle, a Macclesfield banker.

The original turnpike descended 300ft to the head of Goyt’s Clough and then climbed again before a final descent into Buxton.

In order to overcome this tortuous route power was sought in 1821 to construct a new turnpike. This was a mile longer but maintains a steady gradient from the Cat and Fiddle to Buxton.

The old and new roads joined near Burbage Church on the outskirts of Buxton. The original turnpike, from the fork near Burbage Church, is still called Old Macclesfield Road.

When the new road had been completed in 1823 the old Toll-house at Gosling Bar was sold for £45 to the trustees of Buxton as it adjoined some of their land.

The Forest Distillery is now located here (2023)