Goyt Valley

Goyt Valley has two reservoirs, Errwood reservoir and Fernilee reservoir, built by Lehane Mackenzie and Shand. Stockport Corporation Waterworks acquired Goyt Valley for the building of two reservoirs and by 1930 the farms and houses were empty and demolished in order to provide an uncontaminated water catchment area.

Fernilee reservoir was completed in 1938. It cost about £480,000 and holds 4940 million litres (1,000 million gallons) and is 126 feet deep.
Errwood reservoir was completed in 1967. It cost £1.5 million and holds 4215 million litres (927 million gallons) and is 117 feet deep.

Errwood Hall

Built for Samuel Grimshawe a wealthy Manchester businessman.
The Hall was built in 1840 – 41. It is set in over 2000 acres and was pretty much self sufficient with its own greenhouses and growing areas, game, fishing, Chapel, Burial Ground, School, and a Coal Mine.
The Grimshawes were great travellers and boasted that there were 40,000 rhododendrons and azalea shrubs on the estate, many of which were brought back from tours abroad as ballast for their yacht, The Marquita.
The last family member to live at The Hall was Mrs Mary Gosselin who died in 1930 and the Hall was emptied of all it’s fine Art, porcelain and rare furniture on the 16th June 1930. The sale was conducted over 5 days by the Macclesfield Auctioneers Turner and Son and contained 1,800 lots.
It was already known that construction of Fernilee reservoir would begin in 1931-2, so for a short while The Hall became a Youth Hostel, until 1934 when Stockport Corporation purchased all the land in readiness for the construction of Errwood Reservoir.
They demolished the Hall and used the best stone for the water treatment works, which are situated below the Fernilee Reservoir Dam.
When the water level of Errwood Reservoir drops significantly you can see the remains of the lower part of the Driveway to the Hall, the Lodge, Cottages, Farms and the Old Packhorse Bridge which were at the heart of this community, the last time these were visible was 1991.

The family burial ground is nearby and there is also St Joseph’s shrine to Dolores who was governess to the children at Errwood Hall.