Hartington Hall

from Hartington and District website

“Hartington Hall is now a Youth Hostel, but was for centuries the house of the Lord of the Manor of Hartington.

It was constructed in 1611 by the Bateman family, who originated from South Wingfield in the east of the county and who gained the manor of Hartington after the Reformation.

Thomas Bateman, the 19th century antiquarian, was a member of a junior branch of this family, who were major landowners in the area for several centuries.
Although built in the time of James I, the design of the building is classically Elizabethan, in an ‘E’ shape. Although there are some Victorian additions, the original part of the Hall is still very largely intact.

The Youth Hostel now has a bar and restaurant open to the public, and is a very nice place to go and have a meal or a drink, and you can admire the architecture of this lovely old building whilst eating and drinking.”